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As a democratic, socialist party we welcome people to join the party from all works of life, have their say and influence our policies. We welcome membership applications from individuals, families, young people, students, workers, unemployed, older people – anyone with an interest in building a better Sierra Leone – a Future Nation

To newcomers, working out how everything fits together can seem a bit of a maze – but don’t let that put you off as there’s a common goal: ensuring the party remains open and democratic and helps maintain contact between the party, the people and the government. Our structure, and our open policy development process enables more people than ever before to have their say.

Where you fit in

New ideas are vital if the party is to grow and develop into what we want for the country – and we welcome your views and experiences. Your Sierra Leone, The Republic National Independence Party new online home for ideas is just one example of how the party structure has been devised so that The Republic National Independence Party members can have a say on policy and contribute to our next general election manifesto.


Branch (BLP)

Constituency (CLP)

Local and regional Your Sierra Leone policy forums

National Policy Forum (NPF)

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National Executive Committee (NEC)

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Meet The Party President

Party President - Beresford

I want to build a better future for our nation.
Not a country for few people that benefits or enjoy the resources of the nation but a nation for all.
We are one party, one nation, one future. We want to create a future for you, your love ones and the future generations.