Women Independence

Today far too many women feel disconnected from politics.

Our country have tuned women’s voices out. They have shut women out of the top table of politics and have lost touch with the reality of women’s lives and struggles.

If politics is going to connect with women and change their lives and their families’ lives for the better, it needs to listen to women, not shut women’s voices out. RENIP is listening to women and taking their views to the top table of politics.

Become a member today and help to shape the country. We need more women to get involve and help develop our policies.

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Meet The Party President

Party President - Beresford

I want to build a better future for our nation.
Not a country for few people that benefits or enjoy the resources of the nation but a nation for all.
We are one party, one nation, one future. We want to create a future for you, your love ones and the future generations.