Party Structure

The Republic National Independent Party organisation and procedures are democratic. They are designed to encourage the maximum amount of debate and free open exchange of opinion within the Party. The organisation and procedures which we use reflect our socialist values and distinguish the Republic National Independent Party as a uniquely democratic organisation. They provide a guarantee to all Party members that they have a right to be heard and that they will be listened to.


The Branch

The Constituency Council

Executive Board

Central Council

The Party Leader and Deputy Leader

National Conference

The Republic National Independent Youth

The Republic National Independent Women (ReNIW)

The Republic National Independent Equality (LE)


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Meet The Party President

Party President - Beresford

I want to build a better future for our nation.
Not a country for few people that benefits or enjoy the resources of the nation but a nation for all.
We are one party, one nation, one future. We want to create a future for you, your love ones and the future generations.