I want to build a better Sierra Leone, not just a country for the few people that benefits or enjoy the resources of the nation but a country for all. We are the only  party that will create a one nation, one future and one people. We want to create a country for you, your love ones and the future generations, that we can call home, our country.

Bribery, account fraud, and embezzlement have been common practices in past successive governments. Sierra Leone is ranked 181 among 183 countries in terms of how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be (“Corruption by Country.” Transparency International). This kind of case suggests the abuse of power by not only leaders, but by party members also.

In my opinion, it also indicates severe organisational and procedural weaknesses and a lack of transparency and accountability.

We are ready to give FREE education to all children and we want to nationalise our country’s resources. We will provide jobs for the youths and give them the necessary training to upskill their talents.

We are a party of the people, by the people and for the people. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in the near future.